What is the CMI?

The cmi™ is a data driven, evidence-based, social business barometer of a company’s social media and content marketing activities. It is based on the principle that the manifestations of an organization’s Content Marketing Lifecycle™ activities can be observed and measured.

By applying common criteria, the Content Marketing Index performs as a “yard stick” that can be used to support various activities such as benchmarking, comparative analysis, and data driven marketing.

Additionally, the nature of the index suggests that even as it evolves, is changed and/or refined, all organizations to which the Index is applied are again measured to the same standard.

Insider Insights

Our “insider insights” provide you tactical examples of how understanding the CMI score for your organization will improve your approach to brand management and franchise sales efforts online.

  • Define your best social and content platforms to farm franchise sales
  • Establish scope for an active online presence to draw inbound candidate leads
  • Improve sales efficiency with content to support franchise sales
  • Build social audiences proactively in territories where you’d like to expand your brand
  • Identify candidates within your current network organization-wide
  • Define primary goals for building the brand with social and content marketing
  • Eliminate the time wasters – not every channel is right for every business
  • Determine how you want franchisees to participate (or not)
  • Increase online brand presence with content for improved organic growth
  • Identify in-house capabilities and outsource requirements

The Content Marketing Index – Social Business Intelligence

How are your social media and content marketing efforts performing? Are your various initiatives making a difference? Is management skeptical about ROI? How do you compare to others in your industry and your competitors? These and other questions continue to be raised by marketing teams across almost every type of business and industry. Cadence9® in association with Batavia Research has developed an index that seeks to answer these questions and more.

When we think of indices in our day-to-day lives we might think of the FICO score, maybe the Dow Jones Index, Nielsen ratings or the Case-Shiller Index (for the housing market). These are indices that normalize a vast array of data. They help give us insight into the state of certain activities, direction, and emerging trends within major markets. They help us develop “apples to apples” comparisons. They help us make data-driven business decisions.

The FICO score is comprised of 5 key indicators of financial management and behavior. Both the Dow Jones and the Nielsen ratings tend to be less complex and consider an empirical collection of numbers. The Standard and Poor’s Case-Shiller Index leverages multiple data sources to develop an interpretation of industry insights and trends.

Each of these represents a combination of interpretation and data-driven metrics. So likewise, why not an index that can give us visibility into our social media and content marketing activities? But what would this look like? What would the basis for such an index be?

Score Variables

From a perspective of businesses, the activities of social media and content marketing are executed within a relatively similar series of processes and activities. Of course, the degree to which processes and activities are organized and fulfilled can vary from organization to organization. None-the-less there is generally an underlying process to producing and distributing content marketing.

Assessing and interpreting the various manifestations of the content process is the basis for the Content Marketing Index. Scores for content performance are assigned to an organization by collecting data on all publishing and engagement activity. Aggregating the amount of posting and engagement as it relates to online audience size, we are able to define target performance benchmarks to apply to all brands. The Content Marketing Index identifies 20+ variables related to content production, distribution and engagement, examines what this process looks like across many organizations and then evaluates brand performance against these variables in order to calculate the index. The Content Marketing Index (CMI) is in a state of constant evolution – changing to include additional variables as they emerge as proven success factors in social media and content marketing.