Franchise sales are a time-intensive pursuit for most brands, especially if you use social media. The success of social is dependent upon consistent posting of relevant and informative content designed to build brand trust and relationship, and creating and publishing this type of material does take time.

When a prospect first checks out your franchise offer, if you don’t have sufficient information available online, they’ll likely move on to another franchise that feeds this information need. When investigating a franchise opportunity prospects want to know:
  • Who you are (your brand story)
  • What you stand for
  • How the franchise model works
  • How your company is doing
  • How your individual franchisees are doing
  • What buying in will do for them
This won’t be accomplished with random social media posts or a weak online presence. Make sure your website is optimized and your LinkedIn company profile is strong and complete. A strategized content plan that engages franchise prospects by providing fresh, informative content will stimulate their interest and move them to the next step–contacting you.

c9 prime™ allows you to do more for less

With c9 prime’s innovative technology, you’ll be able to increase your social media activity to build a strong online presence while spending less time. From a single login, multiple broadcasts can be scheduled in advance to all your social media channels ensuring consistent distribution of content. Corporate posts can broadcast to individual franchise locations Facebook/Twitter/YouTube and more, creating a cohesive company-wide social media presence, even if local franchisees are not active on social media. more for less

You can begin developing interest for your brand in areas you’d like to expand to–even before you’ve identified a prospective franchisee.

For instance, if research indicates that Austin, Texas would be a good territory for expansion, you can create a Facebook page for Austin. Begin posting to generate consumer interest in your franchise coming to their city (it’s not unheard of for customers to request a favorite franchise open up in their area), as well as inviting prospective franchisees in the area to contact you.

An active, engaged Facebook page for Austin would indicate to a potential franchisee that a store in that location would be a sound investment since your brand already has a good reputation and receptive customers.

c9 prime™ removes the guesswork from evaluation

Using c9 prime™, you’ll be able to manage engagement with your social media and content publishing, providing data about what is and is not working for generating interest in franchise sales. Here are just some of the benefits of using c9 prime™ for your content management and publication:
  • Comments can be reviewed and managed for all platforms from a single log-in
  • Track a particular person’s engagement with your content
  • Complete record of comments and conversations are available
  • Track activity across all social channels to identify best performing content and channels
  • Print and export report data daily, weekly, or monthly
  • All activity is archived so you can pull reports for custom time periods much longer than on platforms
If you would like to learn more about how c9 prime™ can maximize your social media for franchise sales development while minimizing the time invested, give us a call at 714.921.9300. We can help you do more for less.