How’s your social equity? Not sure? The semantics of business can be challenging. New words replace old concepts and sometimes it’s difficult to get onboard with the latest trends. “Social equity” has evolved out of the world marketplace going digital. So, what was “social equity” before everything went online?
  • Goodwill
  • Reputation
  • Customer Base
These terms all contribute to the intangible asset of a business that is the amount in excess of a company’s book value that a purchaser would be willing to pay to acquire it. Today’s social equity may be an intangible, but it does command a real dollar value and is an important consideration of your franchise’s social media and content marketing, especially with regard to franchise sales and attracting prospective buyers and new clients.

Building Social Equity for Your Franchise

c9-prime-social-equitySocial equity is the perceived value of an individual, organization, or brand’s reputation and following online. This value increases or decreases based on the online buzz and conversations that take place across the various social media channels on the internet. –Wikipedia

This puts social equity square in the middle of content marketing and social media. Quality content is still king and it’s the wealth of social equity. Social equity grows organically as the net result of compelling and rich-media content your online community consumes and shares. Engaged audiences:
  • Build social equity for your franchise brand
  • Are the customers who grow your local franchisees’ businesses
  • Become a transferable asset when business units are bought and sold
Thus, a strong, vibrant online presence is a necessity. Determine which channels your audiences use and begin regular posting to increase brand awareness and grow online communities around individual franchise locations. Social equity at the national level has a trickle-down effect for local franchisees, while positive social equity from individual franchisee locations helps to undergird and build up the national brand. It’s a win-win.

Automation Technology Accelerates Social Equity

Maintaining a dynamic social media presence across multiple channels doesn’t just happen. Content creation, publishing, monitoring and responding to engagements demands time and resources. And, if you have franchisees who want to “do social,” social media management becomes even more complex. You need an active, consistent social presence, but you also need to ensure the integrity of your brand message.

That’s why some franchisors choose to retain administrative control over all social media communications and do posting on behalf of their franchisees. It reduces the possibility of negative or off-brand content being published, but may reduce the amount of social interaction that’s possible.

Whether you opt for admin control or allow franchisees social media access, automation can help you get more done in less time. Using a social media and content marketing software platform such as c9 prime™ allows you to actually expand your publishing capabilities while maintaining control.
  • Admin can review/edit all content before it actually publishes
  • Set user roles/permissions to control access
  • No limit on number of users, channels or publishing activity
  • Schedule posts to publish automatically when audiences are online
  • Detailed reporting for groups, channels, campaigns and broadcasts
In today’s digital world, you have to proactively build social equity by using social networks to promote your brand, engage your target audiences, nurture relationships and attract prospective franchisees. c9 prime™ has everything a franchise with multiple locations needs to build a demonstrable social equity that adds great value to your franchise opportunity.