500_million_facebook_likesIt’s important to companies and organizations that consumers recognize and remember their names, logos or tag lines. In order to attain strong brand awareness that reminds your target audiences of your company/service, you need to be vocally and visually present.

In regards to a vocal/social presence, there is no better place to shine, today, than social media. Facebook has 1 billion registered users, with 552 million daily users. There are over 500 million likes per day on Facebook. 74% of brand marketers saw their website traffic increase after spending only six hours per week on social media. (Social Media Pros Predict the Future)

Clearly, online engagement is already being practiced by your consumers. Why not utilize the current infrastructure of social media to get them to engage with the content you are posting in social media channels? Post relevant and unique content to keep them thinking of you. Personal stories, prizes, polls, questions and answers are all good content types to trigger engagement. When a friend likes a page on Facebook, their friends see that like; the number of second-hand users who could possibly see your profile page image (visual) from that single like is limitless. The more you share, the more opportunities there will be for people to like/comment/share your content.

Keep a frequent and steady presence of fresh content on your social media channels so that your brand image does not fade from view. (Remember the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind.”) To stand out from the crowd, and it is very crowded in social media, you have to create and post meaningful and relevant content that prompts users to engage with you.