c9 prime™ is the ultimate brand control center for social media and content marketing. The technology in c9 prime™ allows franchise organizations to produce, manage and distribute authorized pieces of content across corporate and franchisee social channels in a fraction of the time it would take to post on individual platforms. Furthermore, franchisors obtain complete control over their brand’s image and have instant access to reporting metrics for social activity across all of their locations.

To empower the franchisor with centralized brand control technology, c9 prime™ has specific features to help regulate social media and content marketing processes:
  • User/user groups
  • Channel/channel groups
  • Campaigns
  • Batch broadcasting
  • Substitution tags

User and User Groups

User Groups are the hub of the entire c9 prime™ structure; this is where the foundation for managing each location’s social media channels starts. User Groups are typically used in the franchise industry to represent individual locations, agency partners and corporate users individually. Each of these User Groups can have unique roles and permissions applied so that group access to publishing and reporting may also be controlled. In User Groups, individual users are associated to one or more groups, depending on the number of franchise locations they work for or are associated with. Each location’s specific social media channels are then associated to their location’s User Group. Social channels retain the ability to be grouped with other location’s channels for publishing content at the same time the channel may be used for unique content posts as well.

c9 prime™ Role Structure Overview

A roles and permissions structure exists to monitor access to all publishing and management functions in the system. c9 prime™ has five role levels to uniquely accommodate the franchise business model including multiple outsourced agency and social media management groups. The roles vary from complete access to every feature and function to as limited as only being able to log-in and put content into a task the user has been assigned.
  • Company Admin – This role is primarily reserved for Franchise Corporate Staff. It provides unlimited rights to create users, produce content, publish, respond to comments and view reporting
  • Manager – This role is usually a combination of agencies and franchisor staff that will manage publishing for multiple locations. The manager has many of the same rights as Company Admin. The managers workflow items display access only to groups they have been added to in order to facilitate easy daily task management.
  • Publisher – A Publisher role may be assigned to a Franchisee if your brand will allow franchisees to also submit and/or post content. Publishers can add users only to their own user group. So for example, a location employee who will be tasked with helping manage social media may be provided a log-in by the business owner. A Publisher can only produce, publish, edit and delete content from the channels/groups in which they are an active member. Can also see reports & respond to engagement on permitted channels. This role can be revoked by Company Admin/Corporate at any time if necessary.
  • Composer – This role is appropriate for an employee that will be responsible for creating content for a specific business location. Can only see/access to their own tasks/publications, cannot publish and can only engage on their tasks
  • Author – The Author is the most limited role and is often appropriate for guest authors, employee content idea submission. An Author can only work on their own tasks to fill in content/media and submit for review.

Channel Groups

A channel group is a pre-defined set of multiple social channels that can be selected in a single step and then published to individually. This helps save time in repeated publishing and ensures that the correct channels are selected since users only need to pick a single channel group. Channel groups are useful for creating a collection of channels that belong to a specific client account, business unit, special collection of units, region or campaign.


c9 prime™ lets you manage an unlimited number of campaigns for every marketing concept your organization wants to promote. Utilizing the campaign structure allows franchisors to track performance across multiple marketing initiatives and get a closer look into which franchise locations are performing the best, what content is resonating with their audience and what content isn’t working.

Batch Broadcasting

Cadence9’s® new batch broadcasting capabilities has created huge time savings for queuing up set-it-and-forget-it broadcasting for an entire franchise/mutli-unit organization.

This new feature in c9 prime™ has our team excited because client account management for content publishing has become much more streamlined. For example, with one client, out staff is faced with publishing approximately 300 Facebook posts per week. The new batch broadcasting function allows us to que up a week’s worth of content for the entire franchise system in only 4 hours! Moreover, a month’s worth of content for the whole organization is now managed and entered for publishing in the time it used to take for 1 week’s publishing activities!

The ability to publish content across hundreds of social media channels at the same time is a game-changing way to do more publishing with less effort.

Substitution Tags

Substitution tags now provide the ability for our technology to have content entered only one time and scheduled for publication to hundreds of social and content channels at the same time, but content appears to be custom.

Custom content is key in the world of SEO and localized marketing, so with substitution tags, each social media post that goes out has specific information relevant to each unique location including: phone numbers, web addresses and location names. You can mass produce content in a fraction of the time and still be publishing custom content to various platforms at the same time.

Being able to publish content using substitution tags is like having a “mail-merge” function for content marketing! Increase your marketing efficiency by using c9 prime’s™substitituion tags to quickly publish customized content for each location.

Doing more for less

Doing more for less is directly tied to c9 prime’s™ unparalleled ability to control a franchise’s brand while giving social media and content marketing teams the tools they need to scale their marketing efforts and increase productivity. In theory, time is the only thing we cannot create more of each day – but Cadence9® just did!