One of c9 prime’s™ newest revised features is the Calendar View. The Calendar View now offers forward and backward thinking insights. Within the calendar, now you can simply roll over any day that has a number on it and see the actions associated with that date.

c9 prime™ Calendar ViewTask & Broadcast Status

c9 prime™ breaks down the Tasks and Broadcasts by status: Due Date Assigned, Target Publish Date Assigned and Scheduled Broadcasts.

With more insights into your day-to-day actions, you can readily see all the activity taking place within the User Groups you manage. By simply clicking on any day you want to see, you’ll get the status as well as a detailed look into those Tasks and Broadcasts.

Fill in Your Editorial Calendar

Now that we have made it easier to identify the gaps in your editorial calendar, we are giving you the ability to fill in those gaps from the Calendar View. In the menu on the left-hand side we have added the ability to create a Task or Broadcast while assessing your current content.

Views & Filters

Management in the system is just as easy from the Calendar View. You can now drill down into the Tasks and Broadcasts with different viewing options making it easier to see which individuals have a majority of the tasks at the moment, or how many posts you have going out next week. Options now include:

  • All Tasks & Broadcasts
  • My Tasks & Broadcasts
  • User Groups
  • Users
  • Campaigns

Filters Include:

    • Tasks & Broadcasts
    • Tasks
    • Broadcasts


Understanding the importance of a maintainable content strategy, c9 prime™ makes it easier than ever to manage your editorial calendar inside a single content marketing platform.