“WHY we work” and “HOW we work” are critical to your success

Cadence9® technologies exist to help your brand(s) build revenue with digital marketing focused on growth through content marketing and social media strategies. We are pleased to share our proven methods rooted in data-driven insights to help your team make informed decisions regarding budget and resource allocations.
We provide a “360” report about your current social media and content marketing activities. Our team will make data-driven recommendations for measurable performance improvements with a plan that may include us helping your team implement c9 prime™ technology to easily publish and monitor results at scale.

Our Technology

Content Marketing and Social Media have emerged as marketing channels that have become essential to every brand wanting to compete in the digital marketplace. Active content production and publishing, illuminated by social media, is now a leading-edge tactic to fuel organic, online growth to drive new business.

Our systematic, data-focused approach to working with your brand starts with a complimentary Social Media Audit to give you a clear picture of your last 90 days of social, content publishing and audience engagement. When we have a clear picture of where you are now, Cadence9® can provide variable levels of strategic and technology implementations designed to meet your target revenue and lead generation results.
An in-depth “You are Here” assessment. Your franchise 360™ report provides real-world data that will frame all recommendations and planning activities in your social media and content marketing strategy.
c9 prime™ Plan, Publish, Engage and Measure in a single solution. We work closely with your brand to determine HOW and WHEN marketing technology should be integrated. Using the c9 prime™ tools to manage social and content profiles across multiple platforms can increase efficiency, but best timing is generally determined by your marketing team size and the volume of content scheduled in your editorial calendar.
Of course, we have plenty of content here for you to learn more about c9 prime, but we invite you to pick up the phone or submit an online form at your earliest convenience to really start making forward progress in your content marketing and social media initiatives.

Given our focus on franchisors, Cadence9® possesses the single largest repository of comprehensive data featuring state of the industry statistics and content performance metrics of franchisor’s social media and content marketing activities. To see where your brand is building online value and to compare your content performance to other franchise brands, start the conversation today!