Your Brand’s Digital Profile

Knowing that you can’t manage what you can’t measure, Cadence9’s® first step in working with your brand, is performing a complimentary Online Brand Audit.

Using our franchise 360™ technology, we can quickly build a detailed profile of your brand’s content and social presence to benchmark all social media and content posting activity and engagement. Based on what we learn about your brand, the Cadence9® team can help you identify your biggest areas of opportunity.

Understanding your publishing activity and online audience engagement rates across all platforms allows us to immediately provide feedback for your team. Depending on what we find, we can work with you to refine targeted, measurable goals and will help you determine if our “do more for less” technology is a good fit for your organization.

Your franchise 360™ results

  • Current post to engagement ratios

  • Average frequency of posting across all platforms

  • Total engagement across all supported platforms

  • Most engaging content in the last 90 days

  • Number of active and inactive channels

  • Competitor Post & Engagement Comparisons

Your Actionable Insights

The activity detailed in your custom franchise 360™ report helps Cadence9® strategists easily identify the best opportunities for improvement in your content marketing and social media programs.

Comparing the data in your franchise 360™ report to our 7 Step Lifecycle of proven strategies and optimized content posting practices enables our team to pinpoint specific tactical recommendations for your brand.

This evaluation is critical because, by design, Cadence9’s® recommended strategies are always based on actual data about your current content performance and posting activity. Our approach is not simply “creative” ideas we hope will increase your brand presence online.

Data-driven, fact-based discussions about the types of content, frequency of engagement, and many other data points demonstrate what your audience is responding to. This real-world data is all that should be guiding all decision making for future content planning.

Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis

Using franchise 360™ to document your digital marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at regular intervals provides definitive proof of your content success or failures. When you are working with Cadence9® technology you will have real-time access your content performance analytics.

Routinely reviewing content performance, with a data-driven focus, and then modifying your content plan for maximum impact with your online audience becomes a very streamlined, systematic process. Knowing exactly what type of content your audience responds to best and increasing that type of content will increase your return on investment in social and content initiatives.

Ongoing analysis of your competitors, as well as your own franchise 360™ report, makes measuring your content performance results completely transparent – your data story becomes much easier to interpret.