Cadence9® has developed proprietary reporting technology to conduct an online brand audit of social media and content platforms to create a digital profile for your brand. We’ve begun a series of video reviews to introduce you to the types of data-driven insights the franchise 360™ report can provide your organization. We invite your feedback and questions on the videos and look forward to providing you your own franchise 360™ results. 

This week’s report review is a sampling of 15 locations, (1 Corporate and 14 franchisees) for an organization that has a total of 420 units. The company name is withheld to respect privacy, but the data is a real 90-day snapshot of social and content activity for 15 locations. By reporting on a sampling of locations, we are able to immediately begin providing relevant observations and recommendations for improvements to the brand’s digital marketing plan. Of course, all observations and recommendations are subject to a more thorough review of the franchise system as a whole, which is conducted when we begin a franchise 360™ subscription and/or a managed services agreement for social and content marketing for the brand.

Our franchise 360™ report assigns a Content Marketing Index (CMI) score to the organization overall and it also calculates scores for individual locations. In this week’s profile, the franchisor’s organizational CMI score is 21 out of 100. This low score indicates lots of room for improvement.

There are many data points evaluated in order to assign a score and begin an assessment to start defining where the focus of budgets and resources should be placed to gain improvement.

Interpreting the data in a franchise 360™ report is not as simple as looking at top level information. Based on industry best practices, our Content Marketing Index score assesses that with 21 active channels, a minimum target number of posts for a 90-day period was 3,780 posts. So, looking at the top level information, we would determine that this brand is actually publishing at almost 146% of a minimum target. Over-publishing would appear to indicate that this brand has their content production and distribution process streamlined and managed pretty well, but we need to dig deeper into the data, by location, to find the really valuable information that should affect this brand’s social and content marketing strategy going forward.

The organizational CMI score is low because the majority of publishing and engagement is happening only for Corporate. This brand is not extending their corporate success with social and content down to the local level. Identifying 17 dormant channels across 15 locations indicates that there is not enough online monitoring in place protecting the brand’s digital footprint. As I review this report, I am left wondering how many dormant channels we would have identified if we profiled all 420 units for this franchise system. If the report results are any indication, it is not an unreasonable assumption to expect that this brand could have almost as many dormant channels online as they have active channels.

As we review individual location scores, we see that Corporate scores 96 out of 100 and one other location has a high score with 90 out of 100. However, organizational problems are indicated again by the fact that all 13 other locations have much lower scores.

Ultimately, working with a brand we use location scores as a benchmarking and tracking measurement of our progress in lifting the scores for the entire organization.

The location-specific breakdown of posting and engagement activity for the franchise brand featured this week further illustrates the issue that this brand is successfully executing on social and content for the Corporate brand, but there is a lack of posting activity and engagement for each business unit.

In my video analysis, I break down the numbers to make our findings easier to understand. Corporate has 6 channels, but only 3 channels are actively published to. For 3 active channels, their target posting number would have been 540 posts for 90 days. Since Corporate has published 3,396 posts, they are producing at 629% of their minimum target for this time period. This posting activity indicates to me that Corporate does have resources and opportunity to focus the efforts producing the “extra” 529% over-target-post amount to be supporting their franchisees in some capacity. Our recommendation for this franchise system would be to evaluate how to start better supporting social and content activities at the local level, building local brand awareness with a priority focus to drive business growth.

Over-publishing would not necessarily be flagged as an issue for a brand except that the remaining location scores and poor posting and engagement activity clearly indicate that all other locations are being left to their own devices and not being provided any assistance.

The bottom line is that in this review, Corporate is doing a good job in digital marketing for the “brand” but there is not any support for the individual business units. This information becomes critical when we focus on the fact that franchisees do not join a business organization in order to have to become marketing experts themselves. Instead, they are looking to Corporate to provide the roadmap and support they need to succeed in local marketing whether it be online or offline.

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