Many organizations that are publishing online believe they have a content marketing strategy. However, this may or may not be true.

Here are seven clues to help determine if your franchise’s content marketing program is in trouble and it may be time for some major changes.

Clue#1: No one is clear on your content marketing goals

Unless you know exactly what your want to accomplish with content marketing and social media, how will you know if you are successful or not? The first step for any content marketing initiative is to determine your goals before you begin to create content to accomplish those goals.

Clue #2: No one is measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing

Hand in hand with goals is measurement. Once goals are determined, set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so you can track and measure the effectiveness of your content marketing activities. Set up benchmarks for comparison and check your progress at regular intervals to see what is or is not working with your content marketing. (Yes, you can measure content marketing effectiveness and see ROI!)

Clue #3: Requesting a target audience profile only generates quizzical looks

Who truly is your audience? Who wants, needs, and buys what you offer and what social media channels do they use? If you have not clearly defined your target audience/s your content will miss the mark by being too generalized and you might be posting to the wrong platforms. By defining your users, content can be fine-tuned for their specific questions, issues and problems that need solving. Knowing where they are online allows you to focus your efforts for best engagement results.

Clue #4: Your “strategy” only extends into the next two weeks

An effective content marketing strategy takes in the “big picture,” reaching prospects now and building relationships that result in conversions. This requires a strategic content plan that provides compelling content from first discovery/awareness, through interest/research, and all the way to becoming a customer. The customer relationship should continue to be nurtured as well, ultimately converting customers into brand advocates (sharing your content). A coordinated content marketing strategy should look forward 3-6-9 or 12 months in an editorial calendar to keep your prospects and customers actively engaged with you through fresh content, continually fueling their buyer journey.

Clue #5: All your content sounds, looks and feels the same

Today’s consumer expects innovative, interactive and entertaining content, online as well as on any number of mobile devices. Content creation should include various types of content to keep your presentation interesting. Blog posts, videos, images, infographics, quotes and real-time chat options need to provide informational, educational, funny and thoughtful content. Vary the type of content you create and infuse every piece of content with an emotional component to ensure connection.

Clue #6: Publication is hit or miss, no consistency

Once you start publishing, your users/customers will expect regular publications from you. If your publishing is inconsistent or repetitive content, your audience will drift away to find something more interesting. Set up an editorial calendar and don’t miss your scheduled publication dates. Pose questions and ask your audience for comments or submissions to keep the conversation going. It’s better to do a few channels consistently than random postings everywhere. Determine the top two or three platforms that your customers use and keep your content flowing!

Clue #7: Franchisees are unclear about their role in social media

Problems-SolutionsYour franchise should have a Social Media Policy that clarifies Corporate’s role in advertising and what is expected of franchisees at the local level. Ideally, both national and local marketing efforts are coordinated to ensure that your content marketing and social media strategies generate the absolute best sales result for each franchisee’s business as well as promoting brand awareness at the national level.

If you identify with any of these clues, it may be time to reevaluate your content marketing and social media strategies. With a focus on franchise business, Cadence9® can help with strategy, implementation and measuring effectiveness.
  • A complimentary franchise 360 online brand audit can provide a 90-day, data-driven evaluation of your existing social media and content marketing activities.
  • Our 7 Step Content Marketing Lifecycle can put your franchise on a strategic, repeatable cycle of proven steps to content marketing success: Goals, Strategy, Calendar, Produce, Publish, Engage and Measure.
  • c9 prime is a single system for planning, publishing, engaging and measuring your brand’s social media and content performance. Streamline your processes while allowing for an unlimited number of users, business units, or franchisees without giving up brand control.
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