My niece posted on Facebook that her 3-year-old daughter’s favorite Bible story is David and Goliath, and she wondered why this story?

I immediately thought of our human inclination to root for the little guy.

David and Goliath is a story simple enough for a child to understand, yet it evokes a strong, universal emotion that adults can relate to as well. Most of us have come up against bullies in our lives and we love it when the little guy (us!) wins against the big bully.

Content that Wins

This type of emotional connection is exactly what your franchise needs to accomplish with its content marketing strategy. You want content that resonates with your audiences. You want your readers to laugh, nod, think, comment and agree with you as they consume your content.

To become customers, you first have to get their attention. Your content has to be interesting and engaging, addressing their concerns and solving their problems before you’ll see any social action.

This infographic from gives a quick look at 21 types of content that your readers crave. Creating content with these “emotional triggers” in mind will help ensure that your content connects with your audience in positive ways and increases brand value for your franchise.

Universal emotional triggers:
  • Affirmation
  • Revelation
  • Laughter, humor
  • Tears, sadness
  • Discovery
  • Courage
  • Inspiration
Person-to-Person is Key

It’s been said that no matter how large an audience your franchise has, you still are talking to only one person at a time. So keep your business human, don’t forget that your franchise is just people serving people.

Remember, too, that the customer doesn’t care about your franchise; they care about their own needs, wants, dreams and aspirations. To the extent that your content helps them accomplish their goals, it will expand your brand awareness and strengthen your franchisee’s local businesses.

If your franchise is a quick service restaurant (QSR) this may sound a bit lofty, but providing good food, in pleasant surroundings for family dinners or social gatherings is meeting a very real need. Plus, I can’t count the number of tweets I’ve read that merely say, “Need a yogurt/coffee/ribs fix NOW!” Every time someone comes through your doors, it’s an event of some kind. Just make it memorable.

Translate your customer’s smiles into content. Whatever they are enjoying is what you want to write about. A person-to-person dynamic in your content will inspire glowing word-of-mouth recommendations to their friends and social networks, resulting in the very best kind of brand advertisement.

The Content Creation Challenge

Keep this infographic close by for reference when creating content and you’ll never again create a piece of content that doesn’t resonate on some level. Write to that “one person at a time” that you’re trying to reach and make a genuine emotional connection.

Enlist your franchisees in creating content and you’ll never run short of ideas. They interact with customers on a daily basis and can contribute real-life/real-time stories and events to keep content fresh and relevant.

Content should strive to:
  • Tell a great story. Most decisions are based on emotion first; then data or benefits reinforce those decisions.
  • Provide Value. Useful and entertaining information is desirable. In fact, the more compelling or ridiculous the content is, the more likely it is to be shared.
  • Make them think. “Cause a pause” to challenge the reader’s understanding of the way of the world.
  • Present fresh, new ideas. Expand on topics of interest, broaden their horizons.
  • Build community. Pulling together like-minded people who share values and goals strengthens your brand.
  • Invite participation. Cultivate a sharing atmosphere where your users share their own stories and thoughts.
  • Promote sharing. Ask your fans to share your content, and make it easy to do so with links.
  • Be inspirational. Build “ah-ha” and feel-good moments into your content.
How do you consistently create relevant content to respond to the various needs of your franchise clients and customers?

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