cadence9 content marketingThe expression, “random acts of marketing,” is often associated with social media marketing, because with no planned strategy in place, the published content is unstructured, disconnected, purposeless, and ultimately not very useful.

“Planning content is about figuring out who you are talking to, and when, where and what they want to read, see and hear.” Indeed, it’s the strategic “planning content part of this exercise that makes content marketing…true content marketing.

It is Cadence9’s belief that original content is much more valuable to your organization’s success with content marketing than simply locating content out on the Web and pointing your audience to it.

Once you have your goal(s) defined, you will be able to put your strategic content marketing plan into high gear. So, how do you create a plan for publishing original content and sustaining it well enough to accomplish your defined business goals?


In choosing what content to produce, remember, you are not necessarily your market!

One of the problems we have when we are close to our product or business, we cannot unlearn what we know about our business. Because of this, we can wrongly assume that clients are making choices about purchasing based on factors that we believe are important—but we may be wrong.

In our recent webinar focused on Content Strategies to Drive Traffic & Sales, we discussed a Mobile Pet Spa case study. When asked, most people will tell you that they believe a mobile pet salon is hired because of the convenience to the owner—saves time, etc. Even the owners of the Mobile Pet Spa thought convenience was the number one reason clients hired a mobile service. When the Mobile Pet Spa finally asked their actual clients why they hired them, they found that, in reality, it was because they didn’t want to stress out their pets by taking them to a strange place where they would be caged up and mixed with other pets.

The marketing message for the Mobile Pet Spa obviously needs to be refocused on satisfying those fears of an owner’s primary concern for the welfare of their pet.

Moral of the story: Ask your clients WHY they use your service and be sure you are spending time promoting the right marketing message in your content.