Just Released…Content Strategy Best Practices –Getting Started was written to outline the emerging best practices we are implementing with clients as they create an effective content marketing strategy. Download this complimentary report today.

We believe content marketing is getting heightened awareness because more and more businesses are figuring out their internal processes and seeing positive effects of producing and distributing valuable original content that is useful to their audience. As a technology service provider, our primary objective is to develop great technology tools, but we also work with clients to help them establish efficient workflows for content production. We are in daily conversations with clients about what metrics are most important to track and use as a basis for future content planning strategy adjustments.

Compared to “on-the-fly” social media communication, content marketing is generally a more deliberate, intentional and strategic part of an overall marketing plan that will include the creation and management of an editorial content calendar. The process of planning a content strategy has roots in the media and publishing business. The relevant concepts are not new, but the additional dimension of many platform choices for content placement, various types of engagement on each of these platforms and too many variables in the way each platform presents metrics had definitely taken publishing principles into new territory.

Reviewing the latest update to our Content Strategy Best Practices whitepaper will provide you an insider view to how our clients are planning and implementing effective content marketing initiatives.

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