Your blog should be your HUB. The idea of a blog is perhaps the most misunderstood and misused tool for social and content marketing by most businesses. The blog is often neglected because it requires “writing” and no one has time to write. Or, conversely, only one type of content (predictably boring) is consistently posted to the blog. Think differently about your blog as compared to your website. Positioning your website as your informational site, a blog provides an opportunity for more variable types of content, and even a “personality” to be made public to potential clients trying to determine if they want to work with you.

Sales and marketing teams often forget that all types of content produced on a regular basis for business purposes should be posted to your blog. Every type of content that is published works to expand your digital fingerprint and increase your online presence – so you can be found. Everything from presentations for individual clients, PowerPoints, Videos, Ebooks, Articles, Whitepapers, Pictures, New Brochures or Data Sheets, Testimonials, Press Releases, CEO News, Charity Projects, etc., can be repurposed to populate your blog so that it’s always fresh and engaging.

Since the primary job of your blog should be to capture leads, your blog must have a mechanism to capture those leads. Traffic and comments are great to show activity, but only leads convert to sales!

Cadence9’s Best Blogging Tip: Anticipate client questions and answer them on your blog. We highly recommend you capture all client questions and create informative blog posts answering these questions (FAQs). For many businesses, this can be the core of editorial calendar planning.

For inspiration, find client questions that you have answered in email. Document all questions you answer for prospective clients when they are in the purchase decision process, and post them to your blog.