Marketing TeamContent marketing is fueled by the creation and sharing of content designed to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined target audiences. Content marketing subscribes to the notion that delivering valuable, non-interruptive content on a consistent ongoing basis can lead to consumer action, thought leadership, lead generation, increased direct sales, and improved customer retention. Ultimately, this style of marketing requires great content and a method to distribute or publish the information.

For most organizations, it takes more than one person to effectively produce and publish content in combination with monitoring and interacting in social media engagements. In fact, we are seeing an evolution in the way organizations are creating teams and expanding to multi-team environments to produce optimum content for maximum effect.

c9 prime™ is the only publishing solution that will allow your teams to be managed as topic-specific, channel-specific, or even as a specialized event task force. Our robust group permissions and workflow tools meet team objectives and provide value to your business by optimizing your content publishing processes.

Extensive user permission controls enable team administrators to use untapped resources to produce compelling content. You can confidently invite sales reps, engineers, developers, executives, customer support and others who regularly engage with clients, to be content authors.

Designed for teams and multi-departmental use, c9 prime™ provides flexible and powerful checks and balances to ensure content access and distribution policies are followed. Tools to support your processes include an editorial calendar, task assignments, and user roles to coordinate a wide range of activities including content creation, publishing, and engagement response.

Organizing your team

Define each team’s objectives:

When the team goals are established, you can clearly identify which Social Media Channels are best suited to the team’s content. c9 prime™ allows you to control the publication of each group’s content to pre-designated channels.

Assign team member roles:

Teams can be configured with variable roles and permissions inside of c9 prime™. Each team may have one or more administrators who are allowed to publish content, or entire teams can be created with only the ability to author content for administrator review. Our easy team workflow enables quick assign and re-assignment tools for co-authoring with automated activities tracking. No matter what team structure you utilize for content creation, admin roles will always have complete control over all broadcast activities to ensure that company policies and practices are adhered to for published content.

Scale teams as desired:

Scale your social media and content marketing efforts with an unlimited number of users, branches, franchises, divisions, or departments. This can be achieved without adding risk or giving up control! c9 prime™ makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to maintain best practices while launching social media and content marketing strategies across the organization.

Content marketing has become the cornerstone of online marketing. c9 prime™ empowers teams and allows companies to quickly and efficiently establish a digital presence.