Every franchise owner has the commitment and passion to build a successful business.

While you probably can’t expect everyone to match your own level of determination, building a team of people who are supportive and enthusiastic will greatly increase your success factor. By developing smart hiring practices you can build a winning team that:
  • Reduces excessive turnover
  • Eliminates the training drain of time, money and energy
  • Reflects who you are as a company
Reduce excessive turnover

There’s no getting around the fact that some jobs have a lot of turnover. Entry level or unskilled positions are not uncommon and in industries where these types of jobs exist, turnover is inevitable. However, putting conscientious thought into hiring can reduce turnover within all levels of a company.
  • Always see a resume or job application as a starting point. 
  • Prequalify viable applicants and only interview those best qualified. 
  • Carefully check applicants’ backgrounds and qualifications. 
  • In the interview, ask pointed questions about real-world business situations. 
    • How handle difficult customer or co-worker
    • Can work effectively as a team member or alone
    • Reason for leaving last job
    • Best boss you ever had and why
Hiring the wrong person is a waste of time and money for both the applicant and you. Invest time in the hiring process to reduce the risk of hiring someone who is not a good fit for your business.

Eliminate the training drain of time, money and energy

Training new employees is an expensive proposition–a very good reason you want to reduce turnover. Training generally involves the hours of at least two people and, for a time, reduces productivity from each during the learning curve. Keeping new-hire training to a minimum by retaining seasoned and knowledgeable employees is cost effective, saving time, money and energy.

One of the best ways to reduce the need for new hires and expensive training is to make sure your employees are happy. Create a culture where all employees feel valued and invested in the company.

Here are some suggestions to have a more harmonious workplace:
  • Know each employee’s motivation trigger beyond just their paycheck
  • Have clear policies regarding job evaluations, growth opportunities and compensation
  • Be generous with recognition and praise
  • Provide additional training when needed
  • Make sure managers and supervisors are fair
  • Practice open communication
  • Quickly respond to/resolve any conflicts 
Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Build a team that reflects who you are as a company

Every employee is important and a well-trained team is one of the biggest assets a business can have. Your brand image will never be compromised when everyone aligns with the values and goals of the company.

“McDonald’s is a people business, and that smile on that counter girl’s face when she takes your order is a vital part of our image.” —Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald’s Fast Food Franchises

Hiring smart with an eye to a “good fit” will ensure that the face your customers see will always be that brand perception you want them to have.

Do your current hiring practices produce the level of team commitment you need in your business?

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