12 02, 2014

Franchise Disclosure Document Update Reminder (Infographic)

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As a franchisor, you must update your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) annually. Without going legalese on the subject, this update is both a federal and state requirement so every franchisee receives the most current registered and approved information about your company at the time of a sale. According to federal law, this is to be […]
10 02, 2014

3 Ways Hiring Smart Builds a Winning Team for Franchise Success

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Every franchise owner has the commitment and passion to build a successful business. While you probably can’t expect everyone to match your own level of determination, building a team of people who are supportive and enthusiastic will greatly increase your success factor. By developing smart hiring practices you can build a winning team that: […]
3 02, 2014

3 Design Tips to Make Your Website Less Hateful

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Everyone has their own list of “things I hate about websites.” It’s generally anything that gets between them and what they’re looking for. As a franchisor, your website serves the dual purpose of promoting your products or services, as well as attracting potential business partners. That’s two very different audiences. While the content for each audience […]
29 01, 2014

Staying True to Your Franchise Brand is Smart Business

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Part of building a new business is creating your brand image. However, with a franchise business you step into an already established brand image and reputation.

Part of your responsibility as a franchisee is to protect and promote that brand image in everything you do. Examining four different aspects of branding will demonstrate how to […]

24 01, 2014

Content Marketing and Social Media: The Dynamic Duo for Franchise

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Content marketing and social media have become the dynamic duo of marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs’ 2014 Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends reports, both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses increase the use of content marketing and social media every year. […]
17 01, 2014

Defining Your Local Target Audience is Critical for Franchise Success

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As a franchise business owner, you aligned with an existing brand, complete with targeted market and advertising platforms in place. The name recognition and confidence people already have in the brand will certainly benefit your business

However, relying only on that reputation and marketing to promote and grow your business could cost you a healthier […]

14 01, 2014

Engage Customers – Breaking off from the 95%

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68% of executives say their main content marketing goal is to engage customers and prospects. Yet 95% of all Facebook wall posts are not being answered by brands. This translates into brands and franchises missing out on a valuable opportunity to build relationship with current and potential customers. There are few factors that play […]

7 01, 2014

Using SMART Goals With Your Social Media

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Social media has so many moving parts that it is easy to allow overwhelm to set in and paralysis to take over. A great way to combat these emotions is to break down the big picture, create goals that provide focus on your daily activity and that will result in a solid endgame that […]

20 08, 2013

First Steps to Implementing a Budgeted Content Marketing Strategy

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Understanding that business and content strategies tie together sets the premise that content marketing is an investment and, as such, should definitely be a budgeted item.

One of the surest ways to have money for a content marketing strategy is to educate the C-suite leadership (CEO, CFO, CMO and CIO) to appreciate the value of […]

1 08, 2013

Just Released…Content Strategy Best Practices

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Just Released…Content Strategy Best Practices –Getting Started was written to outline the emerging best practices we are implementing with clients as they create an effective content marketing strategy. Download this complimentary report today.

We believe content marketing is getting heightened awareness because more and more businesses are figuring out their internal processes and seeing positive […]