About Cadence9®

Founded in 2010, Cadence9® is focused on helping franchisors develop and implement content marketing and social media strategies. This is achieved through a combination of solutions including hands-on consulting with content performance benchmarking, tactical training and technology implementation.  Our clients include marketing managers, CMO’s, agencies, franchisors, franchisees and corporate marketing teams who are active participants in maintaining the content marketing lifecycle and social media activities for their brand(s).  In addition, c9 prime™ also serves franchise development teams looking to increase franchise sales by using modern technology and innovative marketing methods to identify franchise candidates.

You Should Know…

We know the pressure you are under to efficiently pick the right strategies and technologies to start producing measurable results immediately. In talking with you about your current digital marketing efforts in a discovery call, we are always looking to identify how c9 solutions might fit your needs as a win-win solution for your team and ours.
Our work with you begins by determining if our services and software can solve your immediate needs. If we identify that any of your requirements cannot be accommodated with our services and technologies – we’ll tell you right away. Listening to what you are doing now, benchmarking your current results and hearing what problems you want to solve are how we determine if Cadence9® is a good fit for your organization.
c9 prime™ development is very focused on being the single system that your team needs to plan, publish, engage and measure your social media and content marketing activities. User feedback continues to drive our service offerings and software feature innovations because we know, we listen and we get it.
Cadence9® originated from work performed by The vdR Group, Inc. (www.vdr.com). The vdR Group is a 25 year old software development company focused on integration technologies and solutions for engineering and manufacturing environments. Today there are over 200,000 users of vdR’s solutions. The vdR Group architects, designs and develops these solutions, while selected partners market and sell the technology solutions. As a result, Cadence9® is the beneficiary of proven technologies, business expertise and practices, and financial strength. Cadence9® operates as an independent business owned by The vdR Group.

The company is supported and advised by numerous industry thought leaders and the management team is comprised of seasoned veterans experienced in content management and social media marketing.

Meet Our Team

Martin van der Roest
Martin van der RoestPresident and CEO
Martin van der Roest is Co-founder, President and CEO of Cadence9®. Prior to Cadence9®, Martin has been involved in launching and managing a number of software technology firms over the past 25 years. Through these ventures, Martin has become a thought leader around enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration, product lifecycle management (PLM), hosted B2B solutions and open source technologies.
Jennifer Christian
Jennifer ChristianVice President of Sales
Jennifer Christian is Vice President of Sales at Cadence9® and brings a wealth of experience in understanding of how a powerful technology can amplify business success. Currently pursuing her CFE, Jennifer is focused on helping franchisors define their best opportunities in social media and content marketing to drive leads for franchise development and to provide marketing support to franchisees using c9 technology.
Hiep Tran
Hiep TranChief Technology Officer
Hiep Tran is Cadence9′s® Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As a seasoned technologist, Hiep brings over 20 years of experience in enterprise content management (ECM), SaaS solutions and product lifecycle management (PLM). Hiep is the driving force behind the enterprise-grade architecture and development of Cadence9®.
David van der Roest
David van der RoestProduct Marketing Manager, franchise 360
David van der Roest is a Co-founder of Cadence9® and runs the franchise 360™ division which provides data and tools to measure and benchmark a company’s content marketing activities. Today, David is using his experience to collaborate with content marketing thought leaders and CMOs to develop a content marketing score. Prior to Cadence9®, David’s background has been in the finance and technology sectors. Over the past 5 years he’s helped launch a number of hosted software solutions targeting the academia and education sector.
Jim Dodds
Jim DoddsProfessional Services Manager
Jim Dodds heads up Professional Services for Cadence9®. He brings with him nearly 20 years of managerial experience from various industries including architecture, facilities management, and customer relationship management. Prior to joining Cadence9®, Jim worked as a senior business analyst in the customer relationship management field and was Vice President of a technical consulting firm specializing in enterprise Computer Aided Facilities Management system deployments and implementations.
Ben Desmarais
Ben DesmaraisTechnical Services Manager
Ben Desmarais heads up product quality and testing, documentation, release controls, training and customer support. He also provides his technical expertise on Cadence9® architecture and infrastructure. Since joining, Ben has been involved in all levels of product development, implementation, consulting, and product support. With more than 16 years industry experience, Ben brings extensive experience on various product data/lifecycle management and enterprise content management (ECM) to Cadence9®.
Christine Lombard
Christine LombardSocial Media & Content Manager
Christine Lombard is the Social Media and Content Manager for Cadence9®. She also manages the graphics and web design for the Cadence9® properties. Christine has over 10 years in marketing, graphic design, event planning and web design. Prior to joining the team Christine worked as a Director of Marketing & Event Management in the recruiting industry.
Teri Watson
Teri WatsonContent Marketing Author/Editor
Teri Watson is a content writer and editor at Cadence9®. She has over 20 years of direct marketing experience, including writing, editing, researching, interviewing, art production and mailing list management. As technology grew in the marketplace, she transitioned into systems testing, customer service, and training for a hosted business management provider.
Michael van der Roest
Michael van der RoestAuthor/Analyst, Cadence9
Michael van der Roest, author and analyst for Cadence9®, has been active in SEO, social media and content marketing for the past 7 years. His work has ranged from SEO in the automotive industry to personalized talent management and online representation with his company, uPromote Marketing. Michael attended college at Chapman University for business marketing.