26 08, 2014

Leveraging Technology to Advance Franchise Sales Development with c9 prime™

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Franchise sales are a time-intensive pursuit for most brands, especially if you use social media. The success of social is dependent upon consistent posting of relevant and informative content designed to build brand trust and relationship, and creating and publishing this type of material does take time. When a prospect first checks out your […]
19 08, 2014

Building Social Equity to Escalate Franchise Sales and Strengthen Brand Awareness

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How’s your social equity? Not sure? The semantics of business can be challenging. New words replace old concepts and sometimes it’s difficult to get onboard with the latest trends. “Social equity” has evolved out of the world marketplace going digital. So, what was “social equity” before everything went online? Goodwill Reputation Customer Base These terms all contribute to the […]
12 08, 2014

Excellent Customer Service is the Bedrock of Your Franchisees’ Business Growth

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Happy customers are your most important business asset. Without them, it doesn’t matter what else you do or how many franchise locations you have. From the CEO to every franchisee and employee in the company, customer service needs to be a top priority in order to deliver a consistent brand experience across the company. Investing […]
5 08, 2014

How Your Franchise Can Use the Selfie Craze to Boost Your Social Media Brand Awareness

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How Your Franchise Can Use the Selfie Craze to Boost Your Social Media Brand Awareness “Selfie” is a relatively new term. Depending on the source, its first use was in 2011 on Instagram, 2004 on Flickr as the hashtag #selfie, or in 2002 by a drunken Australian. Once Twitter and Instagram users adopted “selfie,” its use […]
1 08, 2014

Franchise Brand Control for Content Production and Publishing

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c9 prime™ is the ultimate brand control center for social media and content marketing. The technology in c9 prime™ allows franchise organizations to produce, manage and distribute authorized pieces of content across corporate and franchisee social channels in a fraction of the time it would take to post on individual platforms. Furthermore, franchisors obtain […]
29 07, 2014

7 Clues That Your Franchise’s Content Marketing Strategy is in Trouble

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Many organizations that are publishing online believe they have a content marketing strategy. However, this may or may not be true. Here are seven clues to help determine if your franchise’s content marketing program is in trouble and it may be time for some major changes. Clue#1: No one is clear on your content marketing […]
24 07, 2014

Will Bite-size Content Satisfy Your Franchise Customers or Leave them Asking for More?

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We’ve all heard these comments around the Web: The current generation of internet consumers lives in a world of instant gratification In this age of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) the best way to reach someone is in those in-between moments when they’re flipping through content on […]
21 07, 2014

Brand Management Digital Marketing Audit Report – Production

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In Cadence9’s 7 Step Content Marketing Lifecycle (CML), production comes after the planning and editorial calendar variables that are analyzed within the franchise 360™ report. As it relates to the CML, production is where the fruits of your marketing team’s labor first come into view. However, franchisors/ees may not reap the full benefits of […]
16 07, 2014

Franchisor ignores Zee’s Social and Content Marketing – Are you too?

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Cadence9® has developed proprietary reporting technology to conduct an online brand audit of social media and content platforms to create a digital profile for your brand. We’ve begun a series of video reviews to introduce you to the types of data-driven insights the franchise 360™ report can provide your organization. We invite your feedback […]
14 07, 2014

Social Media Disasters Your Franchise Will Want to Avoid

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Reading about corporate social media disasters can be quite entertaining. You may chuckle, “How could they possibly have done that?” until you suddenly find your own franchise in a social media debacle. Social media disasters can take many forms, but recognizing root causes and taking preventive measures can help your franchise stay out of the […]